Celebrating Money

This self-study course has three practices to help you

  1. Make peace with yourself and value yourself,
  2. Release judgment around money,
  3. Open to receiving money.

 These three practices are what you need to get paid while doing what you love.

This self-study course is for if you are

  • Kind, spiritual, intuitive, heart-centered, creative, peace-wishing person who wants to follow your passion for work. You want to do what you love and get paid for it
  • Struggle receiving money for your services and tend to over-give or give away your services for free
  • Judge money as “wrong, bad, unnecessary evil” and what-not, which really is a conditioning and has little to do with money itself.
  • Want to release a lot of conscious and subconscious crap around money and/or yourself, so that you can actually help in this world and make it a better place, while also having money to pay for your rent, food, and an occasional spa visit 😉

This mini-course has 3 most important tools for breaking out of limiting beliefs and fear around money. Especially around getting paid for things you love doing.

You will find:

Self-love and self-acceptance meditation.

Self-love is the foundation of a successful business based on a personal passion. Many of us have been conditioned to self-sacrifice, please others, and neglect intuition, self-value, and trust. This meditation will help you to accept yourself as you are and remind you that – not only you have tremendous value – but you are a necessary link in the whole – so start valuing yourself and putting your heart offerings out. 

Releasing judgment around money

Money is energy. Yet, they do come with lots of baggage - based on the unethical use of money in the past. To break out of this cycle and to purify the money energy, you need to release old stories, beliefs, anger, shame, guilt and more. So that you can start writing a new story of money – for yourself and others.  

Opening to receive money

To have a sustainable business, you need to have both: giving and receiving. Most people I work with struggle with receiving (in general, and money in particular). This meditation will help you release judgment around receiving and help establish a healthy and sustainable practice around money.

Each practice is a powerful experience that transforms your energy field (and what you attract and how you act) by changing your physical body, emotions, subconscious thoughts, and memories. It helps you to work through your fight-and-flight physiological response so that you can act for your highest potential. It also helps you deepen your connection to your intuition.

The practices are unique. They do not tell you what to do or how to run your business.
Instead, they help you undo the conditioning that stands in the way between you (in the holistic sense of you) and receiving money for your talents.

Hi, I'm Mariya

I help you connect to your HEART (think love, wisdom, guidance, abundance) and create your dream life. I help you release self-sabotage, limiting beliefs, fear, money blocks, and more so that you can do what you love and make money from it. 

I work with enthusiastic entrepreneurs and help them own their talent, share it with the world, and make money from it. A win-win for everyone. 

I am a university professor turned self-empowerment coach/healer. A mom of a boy, a partner, and an artist. I have received numerous awards for teaching, and am an author of 2 books. 

Since 2009, I have worked with over 2.000 people. 

I help you to break out of fears, doubts, limiting beliefs, overwork, and self-judgment. 

I use tools from metaphysics, subconscious reprogramming, mind-body connection, spirit guidance, business development, and more.

Love, ❤️



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What My Client Say

Tom Calvert, MBA, USA

In tune with my higher self & intuition

I came to Mariya after enduring an extensive search for a therapist/life coach that would both fit and accelerate the type of life I was beginning to live, one of mindfulness and spirituality.

Upon leaving each session, without fail, I find myself feeling a sense of relief, confidence and overall peacefulness within me. Throughout my time spent working with Mariya, I have noticed immense amounts of personal growth.

I am more in tune with my higher self and intuition. I am able to understand what it is that I want at any given moment and have the confidence to act upon those feelings. I would recommend Mariya to anyone who is looking to get to know themselves more deeply, work on any and every personal issue that may have arisen, and ultimately become a better you!

Annette Mitko, teacher & astrologer, USA

Love myself unconditionally, find humor in the journey, and wisdom

I came to Mariya in the midst of chaos and uncertainty. I’ve already done lots of personal development but this was my first 1:1 coaching. She facilitated a whole new level of understanding and spiritual growth in my life. 

Mariya continuously shifted me out of my head and into my body& reconnected me with my intuition. I was beautifully led to connect with my higher self, trust and surrender to this human journey that is life, love myself unconditionally, as well as find humor in the process :)

Her compassion, joy, non-judgement, and sense of humor made our time together so enjoyable!  I looked forward to each and every session. I always left feeling so incredibly grounded, and more trusting of myself and my decisions.

Mariya has a plethora of wisdom, experience, and tools to help navigate even the most difficult of circumstances.  I now have even greater love, compassion, and trust in myself and life, a stronger understanding of my values and boundaries, and the ability to view things from a higher perspective. If you have the opportunity to work with her, I wholeheartedly recommend her! 

Marissa Grammar, a college student, USA

My self-growth is astounding

I will admit that I was skeptical of this process, but the growth I’ve seen in myself is astounding. I feel like a better, healthier human being for knowing and learning from you. Thank you!

Wendy DuBois, an engineer, USA

I shifted my perception & found my place and purpose

We worked on the phone. I experienced a shift inperceptionand knowing my place and purpose. I reached out in a state of confusion and now feel in grace.

There is something special about Mariya—she moves things, and she is so intuitive. She helped me move out of a place of pain. I am very grateful.

Sarila Rana, a mom, USA

I gained clarity & purpose

I have no words for Mariya, she is gifted. I instantly felt connected, relaxed, &comfortable.

During the energy healing session, all the stiffness inside me started to melt. All my life I was aimlessly and tirelessly searching without knowing what I was looking for. She helped me understand the reason for my search and gave clarity about my current state of life, and what I need to do from now on.

I felt so light, as if the baggage I had been carrying so long finally found a place to rest, and I am free.

Yasmin Samhouri, a nurse, USA

I connected to my mental, emotional, & spiritual intelligence

During the class, the interactions and open dialogue not only opened my eyes to the different perspectives and experiences of others, but they also taught me a lot about myself which I was not previously aware of.

There is nothing more fulfilling than being self-aware and compassionate in order to truly get in tune with my emotional, mental, and spiritual intelligence.

Esther Carvalhaes, Ph.D, researcher, France

Can see ahead with more clarity & less worry

Mariya’s combination of gentle guidance and powerful listening effectively and promptly shifted me from a state of fatigue and worry to a state of peace, relaxation, non-judgment, and awareness.

I could experience my moment without distraction and see ahead with more clarity. I was uplifted and recharged. I also had lots of fun. It was rewarding to be able to freely laugh together.

Ilona Tipp, musician, singer, USA

Feelings of joy & mindfulness lasts for weeks

Somehow Mariya knows exactly where I am holding pain or tension and coaxes it out of me. Even our remote session over the phone was incredibly powerful—she helped me fight off and avoid the flu!

Her gifts go beyond the physical body, though. Seeing her is like an emotional therapy session. I always feel more at peace and balanced, and that feeling of joy and mindfulness lasts for weeks afterward.

Ilona Tipp, musician, singer, USA

Feelings of joy & mindfulness lasts for weeks

Somehow Mariya knows exactly where I am holding pain or tension and coaxes it out of me. Even our remote session over the phone was incredibly powerful—she helped me fight off and avoid the flu!

Her gifts go beyond the physical body, though. Seeing her is like an emotional therapy session. I always feel more at peace and balanced, and that feeling of joy and mindfulness lasts for weeks afterward.

Ned Kimble, PhD, school psychologist, USA

More Joy & Creativity in my life.

Working with Mariya has been fun, light, and far-reaching. She meets me where I am&, very creatively, personalizes the tools we use. It helps to open parts of me connected to joy and creativity.

Alia Lahlou, community organizer, journalist, USA

Living with more inner alignment & joy

I’m simultaneously speechless and overflowing with words about my intuition sessions with Mariya. They were fun, playful, deep, intense, real, healing.

After each session, I felt a sense of clarity and ease, walking away with renewed energy and percolating ideas about what’s possible in my life.

Part therapist, part play friend, part wisdom magician, Mariya was truly wonderful to work with. I recommend her to anyone interested in living with more inner alignment and joy.

Catherine Lamb, psychologist, New Zealand

A magical ripple into every part of my life

My session with Mariya was not only mind-blowing but physically altering. During the guided journey I felt relaxed and safe to share, feel, and express whatever came into my field of awareness.

With Mariya’s help, I addressed mental, physical, social, and spiritual obstacles. I felt extreme love in parts of my body that have been numb for years. I found a sense of freedom and peace. I recommended a slice of Mariya’s magic.

This was not just a session – it rippled into every part of my life. I am full of gratitude for this opportunity.


The cost is only $139 

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